Support Us

Like all scout groups, 16th HW Scouts is run entirely by volunteers – leaders, instructors, assistants, administrators and an Executive Committee.

Do you know what is involved in running a scout group? There’s the obvious things like preparing and running section meetings, taking young people to camp, going on an adventure and organising other fun stuff. You’ve probably noticed our wonderful team of leaders and assistants doing these kind of things every week already.

What about checking and repairing the camping gear, maintaining the van and equipment, driving the minibus to raise extra funds for the group? It may not be obvious, but unfortunately, it’s those same leaders and helpers who are currently doing 90% of these tasks too.

We want our leaders to keep doing great work with our young people and not have to take on all these other jobs too – can you help us? Even an hour, once or twice a year, really would help and if you could do more that would be fantastic. All help will be truly appreciated by everyone in the group and will, of course, benefit your children.

  • We always need more parents to help with our vital fundraising activities
  • Support the overall running of the group by joining our Executive Committee, or becoming a Parent Section Rep
  • Make a donation
  • or simply giving us feedback

Contact if you have any questions about helping or supporting the group.