For boys and girls aged between 5 and a half to 8 years old.
Our Beaver Colony meet on Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm

Our Beavers is run by Max, and is assisted by Rosa, James and Flora.

Beavers meet in ‘Colonies’ – clubs that are very different from school although learning is interspersed amongst the fun!

Beavers play lots of games and will have opportunities to go on fun activity days and outings (with activities such as archery, caving and wall-climbing and many more). Exploring the great outdoors, trying and learning new things, helping others and so much more!

They also learn about camp cooking and basic scouting skills in addition to that, basic survival and life skills. The District also arranges competitions, outings and challenge events which they will invite Beavers to join in with.

Beaver Scout Promise

Making the promise is a big celebration within the Colony. Every time a new Beaver decides to join, they chat through their promise with their leader before saying it out loud in front of their fellow Beavers. Family and friends might come along to see this, too. Doing this is called being ‘invested’ into Beavers, and it usually takes place once you’ve had a few weeks to settle in.

Everyone is unique but there are some things all Beavers agree on – such as treating everyone with kindness and promising to do their best. Depending on their own beliefs, they might also promise to live by their faith.

Beavers choose the promise that best suits them. Below are two promises that are commonly used in our colony.

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love our world.

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love God


To be worn at Beavers and when we go on Scouting Events

  • Group neckerchief with woggle (supplied by Group)
  • Beavers turquoise sweatshirt
  • Smart black shoes (For formal events)
  • Comfortable shoes (For activities and everything else)

Optional Uniform

Optional uniform is not essential, but can be advantageous.

  • Beavers turquoise polo t-shirt (especially in the summer term)
  • Activity trousers

Sweatshirt, activity trousers and other Scout Branded items can be purchased locally at PMG Schoolwear or online at Scout ShopsOne Stop Scouting, and Glasgow Scout Shop .


Beavers can work towards a variety of badges for activities and challenges as well as receiving core badges for joining or moving on from the Colony, or for time spent in the Scouting movement. 

The progressive training scheme leads to the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award in this section.


Scouting is a charity and all our leaders and helpers are unpaid volunteers. However, we do need to charge subscriptions to cover the cost of running the group but we keep these as low as we possibly can. 

Details of current rates can be found here.

We also charge a one-off fee payable when the Beaver is formally invested into the Group. This helps to cover the cost of the neckerchief and woggle provided as well as the membership fee to The Scout Association.

Joining Us

Our group is well attended and sometimes there will be a waiting list. To make an enquiry about places, please email our Beaver Leader at

More membership information can be found on our Join Us page.

Got a skill or two that you can share to young people? Try volunteering and see what else you can archive!