We are always there to answer your questions, but here are some frequently asked question throughout each section.

Most of the time we meet up in the John Wood Scout Centre (JWSC), but if there are any changes to the meeting point, you will be notified via email or other means of communication.

The cost is per term and it also depends on the sections due to the different activities they do. However, this does not include other events or trips. Cost should not be a barrier to anyone taking part in Scouting and if this is an issue, you can speak to your Section Leader in confidence.

Beavers £35

Cubs £35

Scouts £35

The costs are divided into three main sections, Administration, Insurance and Section.

-Administration, is all the costs involved with the Scout Association and the running of the group, such as membership fees, hall hire, equipment maintenance, leader / helper training, website hosting and maintenance, etc.

-Insurance, is needed where ever we go within scouting, this covers leaders, children and other helpers, it also covers transport, minibuses etc.

-Section cost is the cost to run the activities per session each term. It covers things like craft materials, drinks, biscuits, badges etc. Each section will spend different amounts depending on what they do.

Speak to your Section Leader and they can advise you.

Yes, you can pay for as many children as you like. Speak to your Section Leader and they can advise you.

Firstly, ask your Leader, as they will most likely picked it up. Replacement badges and uniform may cost.

Our group operate on different nights during the week. Please email the Section Leader or GSL if you are unsure. You are more than welcome to come down on the night of the session to have a ‘taster’.

Each section may have waiting list, you can contact a Section Leader for more information.

It will depend on your section you are joining. Please contact your Section Leader

Of course, please speak to the Section Leader.

 There may be other groups without a waiting list, you will need to contact them as we do not have information about different groups.